Friday, January 25, 2008

H2Ooohh!! I GOTTA GO!!

I seem to have a going problem. All of this water is causing me to wear a path to the little girl's room!! This is a good means I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing but geez! Enough already!

Good news - the cups I use are actually 16oz!! I had already had 2 yesterday when I figured that out so I was already ahead of the game! That was a nice surprise!

A few other things...Campo seems to be doing much better. He is still congested but he just doesn't seem to feel as bad. I am physically exhausted and sore from holding him constantly. Even though he's in the sling a lot, it still takes a toll on the body! Speaking of the sling - (saga of the sling here and here) I got a new one! My wonderful mother went and got it on Wednesday when Campo was really fussy and only wanting to be held (as opposed to not fussy and only wanting to be held like normal - ha ha) and the girls were both home and I didn't think I would make it! She couldn't find my size in a cute pattern so she and the saleswoman figured out the difference in the sizes and she took it up so that it would be the size I needed! My mom is the greatest!!

It's SOOOOOOO cold!! Well, it's sooooo cold for Big D anyway! It's raining too and the news stations are trying to make it all freezy and sleety. One even started their broadcast an hour early at 4am this morning in anticipation that it would be a big weather event but...nothing! I bet those people who had to get up extra early are MAD! Or, when you get up that early, it might not be a big deal to do one hour earlier. Who knows. This kind of sums up how I feel!

Big Bear is going to an allergist today. Over Christmas, she tried a sugar coated pecan and started complaining that her teeth and lips hurt. A little while later we noticed that her lip was swollen! It didn't go any further than that but it sure did scare us! I mentioned it to the doctor at Big Bear's 4 year old check up and we had a prescription for an EpiPen right away and referral to an allergist called in that afternoon. They do not mess around with that stuff! She's never had anything like that before and no one on either side of our family has any type of food allergy. It will be interesting to see what the doctor says. Food allergies scare the spit out of me. They can be very serious and I cannot even imagine having to deal with things like peanut, egg and wheat allergies. Yikes! Pecans I can deal with - I don't think they are a very common ingredient.

I'm trying to get a post up about the special day Big Bear and I had on Monday. Hopefully I can finally get to it today or this weekend! Happy Friday!

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