Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've Become A...

Babywearer! Well, at least a little bit here and there. I got a much acclaimed (by my friends anyway) Hotsling today...this one. Not the fanciest one I know but the store didn't have the one I liked the most in my size of course so I got the one I like the most that was the cheapest! And it ended up being on sale on top of that and only costing about half of what I originally thought I'd spend. I was like the lady on this Ikea commercial that cracks me up!

So far Campo seems to like it. I'm still trying to figure it out...folding it and the best way to put him in and get him out etc. But so far so good. I think this will really come in handy as much as he LOVES being held and snuggled. At least my hands are free. In fact, he's in it right now and I'm typing this post with both hands instead of one finger! LOL!

We are also becoming quite proficient in American Sign Language. Okay, just a few signs about family, feelings and fun on this Signing Times video we got from my friend and our music teacher at our school. The girls LOVE watching this and I do too. It's so challenging to try to learn all of the signs! The lady on the video talks SO fast and I have no idea how you learn to "read" this language! It's tough but fun! I really want to get more videos and teach signs to Campo!

Last, please pray for a church member's son Jake who is in the hospital with an unexplained fever that he has had for 5 days. The mom is a fellow Mother's Association member and a very sweet gal.


nicole said...

I almost bought a Hotsling at Target the other day--it was ten dollars and in what I think would be my size. However, it was too obviously boy colors, and since I don't know what I'm having, I didn't want to buy it. Please continue to tell us how you like it, as I know I am going to need some kind of sling to make life work around here when baby arrives.

Andrea said...

I remember when I first started wearing Amelia. I was so excited!!! I have a Moby wrap and I love it. I'm looking into a Mei Tei. I have some links on my blog from baby wearers. They give great tips.
and Fina Drea. There on the side bar, towards the bottom. They're buttoms.

They have awesome different colors. They say it's all about style not so much what the gender of your child is. Happy Baby Wearing!!!