Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Election Day...And Night

Sorry I've been MIA lately. No major excuses besides just, well, life!! Sometimes it just gets the best of me! Let me fill you in on what's happened with Kenneth Sheets and other stuff!

Election Day 2010 - POURING rain...and I was standing out in it. I was a poll greeter for Kenneth Sheets. Myself and a candidate for judge would stay in our cars until someone would arrive to vote and then we'd jump out with our signs. After lunch time I decided to leave since traffic was slowing down and my car battery was dead! I got a jump and finally got to go home, take a shower and get warm thanks to my mom picked up my kids at their respective schools. Thank God for her that day or I don't think I would have ever warmed up.

Now you would have thought that I would be exhausted after that, and I was, but election day adrenaline was pumping and I was ready for the Dallas GOP party. We headed out to the Hotel Palomar where most of the Republican candidates set up camp to watch election results. We got there and found Kenneth's suite where spirits were extremely high as the early voting totals had come in and Kenneth was winning! We tried to temper ourselves a bit because there was a long night ahead and anything could happen. At some point we all made our way downstairs to the big party. I have never felt anything so electric. The energy in that place was unbelievable and even now, several weeks later, I'm getting chills as I type! I have never experienced anything like it and don't even know what to compare it to!

As I stood there looking around and taking it all in, Kenneth's campaign manager Ronda showed me her cell phone. There was a text from their consultant informing her that 5 of the "deathzones" or areas that would be tough for Kenneth to win, had gone his way. He said that it looked like Kenneth had won. We are all screaming!! As much as we believed wholeheartedly in this man, he was a relative unknown running against a well liked two term incumbent and no one really knew how it would go. We headed back up to the suite to wait some more for results to keep coming in and to let Kenneth get his thoughts together for his speech. Once the concession phone call came through, we all headed back downstairs and Doug and I got to be up on the stage with Kenneth and all his supporters and staff as he made his victory speech.

It was one of the most incredible nights of my life. I will never, ever forget it. I can see how people get lured in by the energy and excitement of politics.

In other news...Big Bear had her Pinewood Derby and won an award!! A separate post will be coming with pics and more details. Let's just say, I've never seen a smile that big!! Me Too turned 5!!! A separate post will be coming on that too. Her birthday party is this weekend so I'll wait until I have those pics and details. She has strep throat right now but started antibiotics today so I'm hoping she'll be up for having the party. I'm hoping that I am up for having the party as my throat is suspiciously getting sore and throughout the day I have felt worse and worse. Luckily, Doug off early tomorrow so if I need to run to the doctor I should be free to do so! Campo is chugging along! He is turning 3 in just a few weeks - acckkkkk!!!!

Oh and I started working with my first Handwriting Without Tears client. I did his evaluation and report and am now tutoring him once a week. He is a 3rd grader and I'll have to admit I was quite intimidated by the thought of working with a 3rd grade boy at first. But, after I left the house yesterday, I texted my husband and told him that I hope Campo is JUST like this boy at that age. He is very well mannered, very sweet and very cooperative. And his mom emailed me this morning and said that when his dad asked him how it was he answered, "Kinda fun". I'll take that!!

That's it for now!!

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