Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going Shopping

Today Me Too asked me to babysit her dog (her stuffed animal dog) for a little bit. I said sure. She started to walk away and turned around to tell me that she was going shopping. I thought this was so funny but also interesting because I don't know where she got that. Although I wish I could, I never leave my kids with a sitter to go shopping. We really can't afford sitters and don't do anything without our kids unless we leave them with my mom or sister-in-law who are generous enough to babysit for free. My sister-in-law is only available in the evenings so we use her for date nights. My mom helps me so much with picking up Big Bear up from school, helping me get kids to therapy, and watching the kids for things like doctor appointments or for me to volunteer at Big Bear's school. So I don't ask her to babysit for frivolous things like shopping. I don't know where Me Too got the idea to have a babysitter so she could go shopping...but I like her way of thinking!!

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Debbie said...

I read this and laughed out loud! Samantha does the same thing! But, she gets some kind of purse (a shopping bag, mine, hers, it does not matter) and then ceremoniously puts it on her shoulder, looks over her shoulder and says "Bye Mommy! I'm going to get milk and bubblegum!"