Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter morning started as many probably do...stress trying to get everyone dressed and out the door. That is always a huge task but this time we were doing it way earlier in the morning. We decided to go to the 7:30am mass to avoid the ginormous crowds that we have at our usual 9:00am mass. It is way worth it! But it also meant that Campo was woken up and pretty much whisked out the door without much breakfast. He wasn't happy about his button up shirt and little clip on tie either. But what he didn't know was that there was his favorite cereal in a baggie waiting for him in the car. Once he got a hold of that, he was okay.

The rest of the morning went great. The kids were well behaved during mass. We met up with Grammy afterward and went to eat a big breakfast. We were just early enough to miss the breakfast crowds!

After Easter baskets and naps we went to have an early dinner with Grammy and Grampy, my uncle Mark and cousin Lilly and my sister Emily.


Debbie said...

A little late, but GREAT Easter pictures! Your kids are adorable.

creeper said...

Oh, Stevie! They're growing SO fast. It's nice to see them again. I lost my link to your webpage when we formatted the hard drive. Doug sent me another so I can keep up again. Such beautiful children.

Thanks for keeping the blog up so I can keep up.

Randi Gifford