Friday, June 5, 2009

Splash...No Swim

We were invited to go to the KC pool with some friends of ours today. The KC pool is a big deal. If you are a Knight in that council (I think that's the word...) then you belong to the pool. This is a different council than our parish one. This one is several parishes that go in together. (I'm probably not explaining it hubby isn't a knight so I'm not up with all the lingo). Lots of neighborhood people want to belong there because it's really nice so they stay on waiting lists for years until they get that lucky phone call. We've never gotten on the exclusive wait list because even if we got that lucky phone call, we wouldn't be able to shell out the cash!

Anyway, the kids were so excited. I was so nervous. I wasn't sure how keeping up with 3 kids at the pool was going to work...especially now that I have a toddler. My girls haven't started swimming lessons yet and we don't go to the pool much so they aren't very good swimmers. You can imagine my relief with both Big Bear and Me Too were telling me that they only wanted to play in the kids pool. The KC has a really great kids pool with a big shade over it. It slopes down and the deepest part is only a couple of feet. There is a lifeguard right there too which makes it nice when you're trying to look in several different places. We've taken Campo swimming over at my mom and dad's house as well as just the little pool out in the know the little blow up well as had a sprinkler on. He will have NOTHING to do with any of it. He cries when I try to put his hands or feet in the water to splash, he cries when I show him the sprinkler, and he even cried watching the rest of us swim one day until someone took him inside. He loves baths so the only thing I can figure out is that the pool/sprinkler water is cold and he must not like that. But, I feel like I have to keep trying so at one point today Me Too and the family we went to the pool with all really wanted to go to the big pool. So we headed over with Big Bear throwing a tantrum the whole way because she just wanted to stay in the little pool. I got in the water with Campo and he started screaming his head off. Me Too got in and immediately started screaming her head off. And Big Bear was already screaming her head off on the side of the pool. We were quite the sight! I tried to calm everyone down but they just all started screaming louder so we went back to the baby pool and stayed there the rest of the time. My kids just really aren't pool kids. It's my fault for not exposing them more...I'm just really not a pool mom. Oh well, my only hope is lessons which we'll be starting soon. Maybe that will help all of us! But, for now, we'll just stick to Big Bear and Me Too mostly just splashing in the tiny pool in the backyard or going to the spray park.

I look at it this way, at least I'll save money! It cost me $12 to get in...and all they did was splash! But, at least I got a little sun and some time to chat with my good friend!!

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nicole said...

My kids mostly love the water, but going to the pool is a lot of work. I don't go by myself, and even with extra help I am stressed the entire time trying to make sure everyone is safe. Butterfly is not sure about swimming. She sometimes likes sitting in her float, but usually just wants to walk around. I'm hoping she'll be more interested once she has mastered walking. I know one day going to the pool will be a fun thing for all of us. It just seems far away.