Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weight Loss Links

Now that I've gotten my big behind firmly planted on the weight loss are some great websites that are saving my life!!

Hungry Girl - Cute site! Lots of recipes, tips and fun facts. Even information on saving money!

Gina's Weight Watcher's Recipes
- Love this website. She's got tons of recipes for things that she's made lower in fat, calories and/or WW points. There are some good ones but watch out! Some are for experienced cooks and, to me, some of the ingredients are hard to find. I have one recipe that I've searched and searched for one ingredient...I have all the others! Frustrating! So be sure you know what you're getting into! On the other hand, I have discovered a couple of new things that I've never tried before and like now!

Life Is Sweet
- This lady also has some great recipes. I can't wait to try the Mexican Tortizza!

I remember how much fun I used to have trying to find new recipes and foods when I was on plan a long, long time ago. It became like a game to try to figure out just how well I could eat yet stay within my health and point guidelines...and still LOSE!! I've tried to get that back for so long...I'm so excited that I'm back in the game!

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