Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

What a shame to come up with such a cute post title right before we're going to start going to the Saturday morning meeting. Blah. Oh well!

I lost 2.6 tonight! For a total of 6lbs in two weeks! Yay!! Whoo hoo!! Go me, go me, go, go, go me! Could've been a lot more if I'd worked out a few more times but Campo has been sick and getting up at ungodly hours of the morning on top of it being a crazy busy week. But, as of this morning, everything is done and we have about a week and a half until VBS starts to just relax and have "lazy days" as the girls call them. You know, those days where you stay in your pajamas all day unless YOU decide you want to go somewhere? Those are the kind of days when I don't put on make up all day! Love em! The girls love em too! I usually get a work out in on those days. Anyway, all in all, I'm very proud of myself, pleased with the results, and looking forward to getting back to being a WW leader myself again!!


Rosemary Bogdan said...

Good for you. Congrats! I need to get back to WW too.

Debbie said...

Woo Hoo to you!