Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Checking In

Hubby has been home the past few days with pink eye! Somehow, the rest of us have escaped it. I'm not sure what the standard time is to start showing signs once exposed. I'm hoping we will all stay clear...especially the baby!

I just got home from Holy Thursday Mass practice. I will be one of the lucky 12 people who get to clear the altar tomorrow evening. Holy Thursday Mass is so beautiful and I've been honored to be a part of it for the past few years in some capacity or another.

Campo will be baptized on Sunday - yes, Easter Sunday! I'm so excited! Be on the lookout for pictures!

Not much else going on around here. I went shopping for a dress today and didn't find anything but a bunch of cute clothes that don't look great on me - waaaaa! But...(dad, you can tune away at this point) I got some pretty new bras! I haven't worn anything but nursing bras for the past, oh, 4 years now. I finally went and actually got fitted and it is amazing the difference a good fitting bra can make! Sorry if that is TMI...but it's my blog and I'll write whatever I want! Ha!

Oh, and I need good recommendations for books on sibling rivalry. The girls are getting out of control with their fighting over toys. I don't feel like I ever handle it correctly. I never really know what to do because it is often not clear to me who had what first and who took what from whom (or who...oh gosh - I don't know which is correct! Yikes!). Anyway, if you know of any good resources, please advise!!!

Praying that everyone has a wonderful Easter and spiritual few days leading up to Easter. I probably won't be posting much until after the weekend. I'm going to try to really be in the spirit of things...unless the baby just happens to sleep a whole, whole lot and I have tons of time on my hands...which I'm not expecting to happen!

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nicole said...

I don't have any books to suggest, but I'll tell you what we do. When a toy is being fought over, I tell the kids to work it out or it gets taken away. Many toys have ended up in time out because of this, and my kids have finally started to figure out how to play nicely together. This is a pretty normal sibling issue, so there are bound to be lots of ways to handle it.