Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

The weather ended up being perfect for the Easter egg hunt this morning at church. It was slightly chilly but otherwise great. In past years it has been freezing cold, raining and windy so this was a great improvement. We got some great pictures!

Big Bear and Me Too before the big event! Me Too isn't feeling 100% - drippy nose.

Big Bear, Me Too and some friends from church and school!

Campo enjoying the festivities from his stroller!

And they are off!!

Me Too getting a little sidetracked by what is in the egg instead of getting as many eggs as she could like Big Bear!

Big Bear really had the idea this year. The past couple of years she was very timid and would end up with just a few eggs!

Wow - that's a lot of eggs!

All 3 kiddos together. We couldn't get one with Me Too looking up!

Playing afterwards!

And then we went somewhere else...can you guess?

From this...

To this...

Have a great Holy Saturday! Gotta run and get sandals for Big Bear and then rest up for the marathon tonight - otherwise known as Easter Vigil!

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