Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy Little Bee

That's what I've been today! Campo slept through the night last night!!! Okay, sort of. They...they being the books and sleeping through the night 5 hours. He went from about 12:45 to about 5:15 so I guess that is sleeping through the night. I didn't feel that rested though. I attribute this to being woken at 5:15am - I think that is a hard time to get up. After I went back to sleep about 6am and woke up about 7:30am I felt much better.

So I've been a busy little bee today. I had a brilliant idea on how to organize our bins in the playroom and keep them that way. Countless times I've put all of the Little People in one bin, the musical toys in another and so on only to come back hours later and everything is all mixed up again. solution was to take pictures of what goes where and tape it to each bin so that the kids and others (others being dad) can easily see where to put things.

Now that I've spent the entire day doing this, I'm not sure it's as great system as I originally thought. First of all, it's hard to see the pictures because of the way the bins sit on the shelves. Second of all, well, my kids are only 2 and 4 years old. I may have been expecting too much. I have no excuse for their dad - just kidding honey. He actually did come and thank me because he said it will make it easier for him to straighten up in the evening. Which, by the way, I have to brag on him and tell everyone how great he is to do that every night while I'm getting the kids dressed for bed. I think the new system will just take some getting used to. Here are some pictures of my brilliance in case you want to be as wonderful as me!

Ummm...just don't look a little to the right or a little to the left of these bins or anywhere else in the playroom (or the rest of the house for that matter!). My new found organizing genius only extends to this one shelf at the moment. Baby steps people, baby steps.


nicole said...

Way to get organized. Your girls are old enough to put things where they belong, but they might need lots of encouragement. My 2 year old knows where his cars go without help. Sometimes the little ones are overwhelmed by the mess and need someone to tell them one specific thing to work on. So, one could pick up all of the little people while the other picked up the musical toys, or whatever. It takes a lot of parent supervision at first, but they eventually get it. Good luck! I hope the sleeping continues.

Stevie said...

What a good tip! I try to be very specific in telling them what to pick up. It took me a while to figure out how well that worked!