Sunday, January 13, 2008


A hat tip is an acknowledgment to someone (or a website) for bringing something to the blogger’s attention. Hat tip is also, sometimes, abbreviated as h/t or HT.

The hat tip for this hot tip goes to Blogossary. I finally Googled h/t after seeing it a gazillion times on blogs and wondering what it meant but being too shy to ask and to clueless to think to Google it. I'm so glad I know what it means because so often I see a link to a great post on one blog and want to link to it too but feel bad not to give credit to the blogger who found it first. Does that make any sense at all?

Like this amazing post from a man who is pledging to be a better dad this year. **Serious mascara alert** This means you'll cry. Or at least I did - a lot.

h/t: just another day of Catholic pondering

(hee hee, isn't that cool?)


Sarah said...

And, reading this...OOPS. I forgot to h/t the blog I found it at (while I was Google Reader-ing my way through blogs the other day)...and now I don't remember (and yes, I am too lazy to go find out). Just wanted to say that, so you didn't think *I* found that all by my lonesome!!!

Stevie said...

Ha - oh well. I'm sure it's pretty rare for the h/t to actually be used. I'm the same way, I usually can't remember where I read something. In fact, I had to search and search to find your post again b/c I wanted to print out the Father's New Year's Resolution and leave it for my hubby!

Sarah said...

Well, I see it all the time...don't know when I figured out just what it was...

And I never did get over to the printer to print that out for my hubby...maybe I'll find it and email it to him... :) (laptopping in the living room has some downsides, I suppose!)