Sunday, September 16, 2007

New website for single Catholics...but there's a catch

What's the catch? It's only for heterosexuals. What??? An outrage!!! A Catholic website that is following the Church's teaching?? What has the world come to? An article on New Zealand website explains...

A new dating website wants to play matchmaker to lonely Catholics – but only if they are straight.


This of course causes a problem for some:

Aids Foundation South Island health promoter Brent Mitchell said it was unfair for the site to exclude gays.

"It's discriminatory. If it's for Catholics and if you are a Catholic, it shouldn't matter what your sexuality is," he said.

Mitchell said he had several gay Catholic friends who had a strong faith but were still searching for a life partner.

"How about all the gay Catholics out there? How does it make them feel? Not very flash," he said.

The dating site's terms and conditions said it "must reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church in New Zealand and the world, and cannot condone or assist in relationships that are expressly against the teachings of the church".

Anyone using the site should be free to marry within the Catholic Church, which also meant no divorcees, Freer said.

I'm not familiar with the term - not very flash - that this fellow who is quoted uses but here's flash for you. Deal with it - it's a Catholic website. This is a non story. Now if it was a Catholic website that did allow homosexual or divorced folks to get matched up that would be a story.

I will never understand people who criticize the church, or the members of a church, for adhering to their beliefs. If you don't agree with the beliefs...fine - don't be Catholic (or whatever religion you're not agreeing with)- but don't worry about what the Catholics are doing and don't get upset if they are doing what they believe is right. Christians in general can't win. If they do wrong, they get blamed for not being good witnesses or good Christians when in reality everyone, even the best Christians, mess up. If they do follow what they are supposed to, they are criticized for practicing what they believe in by those who don't agree.

All right...getting off of my bandwagon. This article just had me cracking up at first at and then mad. Now I've got it off my chest I can move on!

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Rosemary Bogdan said...

Tolerance and/or appreciation for "diversity" in the true sense of the word is not extended to Catholics. If Catholics are just being good Catholics the left does not feel any need to be tolerant of these views that differ from theirs. It's very hypocritical.