Sunday, September 16, 2007

TV Woes

The past few years have been one television nightmare after another for us. The one we had for many years broke and after spending lots of money to keep getting it fixed, we got a hand me down from a friend. It worked great for a while, until it broke and then we repeated the scenario. We've also gone through several smaller television sets in our master bedroom. So, after this last one broke in the bedroom at the same time that the big one in the main room started making this very annoying high pitched ringing sound, we decided it was time to make the big purchase of not one, but two new tvs! So, this weekend we did it. We got a 24" for the bedroom and an awesome but make you sick to your stomach because it's so extremely expensive 42" LCD HD for the main room. So here I sit after a weekend of researching, shopping, and agonizing over these huge purchases with NO TELEVISION!!!!!!! And the Emmy's are on people.

We called yesterday and ordered the new HD package which is actually a little bit cheaper than what we were paying. They said it was all switched over and ready to go. So when Doug got home with the new TV tonight, he put it all together and switched it on and nothing. After a lot of fiddling (amazingly, no cussing...I think Grammy and Grampy being there helped with that!) he got it working! Whoopee! But...none of the HD channels would come in. What's even stranger is that our cable company just changed all of the channels around (this is coming up as part 2 of my TV woes) and they were working just fine with old tv and now all of the channels are back to the old way. This is so frustrating! And now it doesn't work at all.

Not only do we not have any televisions to watch, once we do...I'm going to be completely lost. As I said, the cable company changed all of the channels around anyway and now that we have HD we have tons of new channels to learn. I'm so lost! I can't find any of my favorite channels. Uggghhh...

So I'm a spoiled brat...I know it. I know there are people who can't afford tv's or even food or clothing or what have you. I am offering up the intense quiet (well, as quiet as it gets around here with the two munchkins in their bedroom having party time until all hours of the night) and boredom for the suffering of those who do not have access to tv. Seriously, watching tv is my stress relief. It's my way to unwind from the day. It helps me fall asleep at night. So, without it, you get ranting blog entries like this from me! You'd better hope that cable company gets out here pretty darn quick or this is what you can expect from here on out!

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Debbie said...

The "funny" thing is the cable co. changes the channels "for your convenience!" Can you believe it! Once you get them half-way memorized they add new ones and re-group them! Good Luck!