Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily Rosary

So lately I've been praying the rosary daily! Aren't I good, pious and holy? Oh, well, not really. I usually am not self disciplined enough to actually set aside time from my busy schedule of tv watching, blog and message board reading, and just generally wasting time to pray the rosary daily - no matter how many times I think about doing it. But, these days, my dear little ones are leading me closer to our Mother Mary. How are they doing this? Well, by being little terrors...that's how!

You see, we moved them into a room together a week ago. I knew it was going to be a tough transition and that it would take some time for them to get used to sleeping in the same room. I knew that they wouldn't drift right off to sleep at first and that there would be some playing around for a while. But...I didn't think there would be as much playing, running and jumping as there is or that it would last as late every night as it does. I didn't think we'd have to do as much scolding, bribing and taking away of toys and other pleasures as we have found ourselves doing. I didn't think I'd have such grumpy little girls on my hands each day. It breaks my heart to see Me Too acting ready for a nap at 10am every day and dark circles under her little sweet eyes.

So every day it seems, Doug and I reassess what we're doing, how we're going about this and what to do next. We solicit advice from friends and family. Doug asks coworkers and I go to almost strangers on my message boards. No matter how we start out, every night ends up with me sitting in their room. Since it's dark and I'm usually frustrated and feeling like there is never going to be an end to this transition period, I spend the time praying the rosary (and begging Mary to help me be a better mom!).

It's actually been really nice. I've always been frustrated while praying the rosary because I would struggle with praying the prayers and meditating on the mystery at the same time. That's a lot for my feeble mind to handle. But it seems like that is getting a little easier each time I do it. I also sometimes feel like I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to think about when I meditate on the mysteries but the more I do it, it seems like I am coming up with different things to think about. Or like tonight, I realized that my favorite mystery is the Visitation. I think about how I would like to recognize Jesus every time I come face to face with Him in others. Until I have that conquered, I don't think I want to meditate on anything else for that particular mystery.

So, while I'm really, really, really ready for the time to come when I don't have to sit in the girls' room for them to finally get quiet and drop off to sleep, I sure hope I will be addicted enough to praying the rosary each day to keep it up. I have just never stuck with it long enough to see the results...I think I always gave up to soon!


Melissa said...

Hang in there, Stevie! Mary will see you through! I've found the days I make time to pray the Rosary, the better the day goes!

Jennifer F. said...

A couple things:

First of all, I don't know how your other readers feel about this, but I would like to request that you dedicate your blog entirely to covering this subject. :) I have an (almost) three-year-old, a thirteen-month-old, and a new baby coming next week, and I'm really torn about what to do about the rooms issue. I have a few months to figure it out, but when the new baby is about three months old it's going to become an issue. Keep us posted!

Second, I can relate to this situation allowing you to pray the rosary more. When I was trying to get my son to sleep through the night I had to sit with him each night, and I prayed the rosary every night. It was so wonderful, it was actually worth all the drama.

Third, have you ever heard Fr. Benedict Groechel's recording of the rosary, called The Rosary is a Place? It is just absolutely stunning. There's soft, unobtrusive music in the background, and he walks the reader through the mysteries, offering brief reflections to ponder about each one. I can't recommend it highly enough, and you can actually get a free copy of it from his foundation here.

Best of luck!

Stevie said...

Thanks Melissa!

Jen - I will cover this some more. I tried a new routine tonight and will try to get something up about it if it works...or not. I am SO frustrated right now it's unbelievable. I prayed the rosary a ton for the first 4 months of my youngest daughter's life because she would be up ALL night long crying and I would just cry with her and pray the rosary! I will check out that recording of the rosary - that is exactly what I need.

Debbie said...

When I was nursing Thomas at 3am, I prayed all the time. It was such a wonderful time for me. With Samantha, our 3am feedings started that way, but then I learned the art of co-sleeping. I miss my prayer time.

Anonymous said...

Stevie, do you pray the rosary out loud? If not - try it, the repition will help them learn the prayers and might help to settle them.