Sunday, April 1, 2007


That is what I have after reading the comments to some of my posts and when I think back over the last couple of days and ahead to this week! The Lord is a movin and a shakin in my life right now - it's so much fun!

I turned on EWTN last night when I was about to go to bed early and I caught Fr. Corapi talking about suffering. Why does God let good people suffer? Why does a loving and caring God let such horrible things happen to the people that he loves and cares about? His answer is so cute and is going to become my new motto:
No pain, no gain. No cross, no crown!
I love it! We have to suffer to grow closer to Him. Then today of course I was reminded of Our Lord's suffering in a real way listening to the passion at Palm Sunday Mass. I am now reinvigorated to go through all of my struggles to be closer to and more like my Sweet Jesus!!

I also get to be a part of what is, to me anyway, one of the most profound moments in the liturgical year - stripping the altar at Holy Thursday Mass. I get to be one of the people who helps in this. The first time that I went to Holy Thursday Mass as an adult was the Holy Week immediately following my CRHP retreat (Happy Catholic has a great explanation of this retreat). I was so in love with the Lord and when they took everything off of the altar I started to cry. It hurt me so much that it was all gone...that He was gone (or had gone at one point). I could not wait until Easter Sunday when it would all be back in place. I don't know why it means so much to me to be a part of doing something that hurts me so much. I think it helps me to remember that we did this to Him and that every time I sin I do it to Him. And maybe on a selfish note, being a part of it helps me not to be as emotional about it. Whatever the reason, I did it last year and am so excited to do it again.

I am praying for everyone to have a very special, meaningful and holy Holy Week! I can't wait to listen to what else the Lord has to tell me this week!


Julie D. said...

No pain, no gain. No cross, no crown!

What a fantastic motto! Now if I can only remember it when I NEED to! :-)

Debbie said...

Maybe that is why Lent is so important to me. I love the motto.

veronica said...

LOVE the motto!
Many blessings to you and your family this Holy Week.

Laura H. said...

It was good to meet you, Stevie! :) Sorry I didn't stick around to chat.