Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm SOOOOOO Excited!!!

Getting ready for Easter Vigil (a little early b/c I have to stop at the store to get tights for the girl's Easter dresses since it was SNOWING here today) and had to come share my excitement.

I'm so ready for this night and for tomorrow (going back to mass bright and early with the girls!). I'm tired of mourning, weeping, sacrificing, and abstaining - not to mention stripped altars and covered tabernacles and statues). I'm ready to celebrate, smile, and rejoice - oh yeah, and drink a LOT of wine tomorrow!).

HE IS RISEN!! (almost) Hallelujah!!

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Laura H. said...

Now He is! What a beautiful service too, don't ya think?

Off to sleep for me so I can wake for Mass in the morning...