Friday, March 30, 2007

My Expiriment!

I slept late this morning - about 20 extra minutes - how sad that this is what I consider sleeping late! When I woke up feeling so very refreshed, I told the Lord that for I was going to give up one more thing during this last week of Lent. Thinking too much. I'm not going to think about where the money for the bills is going to come from. I'm not going to wonder if I'm making the right decision about my job situation or wonder when all of that is going to get settled or how we'll make it when it does get settled. No more thinking about past decisions - should I have done this or did I make a mistake doing that. I'm just going to focus on the Lord and His passion this week. I'm going to clear my mind and let Him speak to me. It's no wonder I don't hear Him - He's probably yelling at the top of His lungs but with all the clutter, worry and torment going on in my head I can't hear Him!

Of course, this is much easier said than done! I have already broken my promise about a million times today - force of habit! But...when I catch myself, I push the thoughts out of my mind.

I am excited at the prospect of what I might discover this week as I attempt to be QUIET!!!!!


Debbie said...

Be still and know that I am.

Julie D. said...

Dare I say ... an inspired idea? Good on you! :-)

Laura H. said...

We've been singing a song during lent called 'Be Still And Know That I Am God' and it's been perfect for me too. I'm singing it in my head now... maybe you'll hear it in your dreams.

It is so important, especially as we enter holy week, to remember to do these things. To be still, to be submissive to the quiet, to listen, and to know before and above all else that He is God.

veronica said...

it's a God-thing.