Thursday, April 26, 2007

Follow up to Turn Off the Light Post

I know it's a timely topic and important subject, but the topic of partial birth abortion has been in my face constantly. I turned on Catholic radio the other day on my way to work and heard them talking about it and couldn't stop listening. I was in tears once again. Every time I read something on a blog about it or hear it even just mentioned on TV I start to well up. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with this but my antennae is up for whatever the Lord is wanting to me to hear, or to do, or to pray about...or whatever.

As far as my comment about not wanting to bring kids into a world where this exists, I hope everyone knows I didn't really mean that I won't bring anymore kids into the world. I was just in a state of shock from what I heard. I agree with what Laura H said:
Your children are here now and it's so good. They are the ones who can CHANGE our world.
and what Julie D. said:
To bring children into such a world, into such a family as yours is actually, is the solution to those sickening murders. Your children are a living witness that we will not give up and they will carry that message into the future. It is an act of hope and determination and love. We need all those things in abundance. :-)
And I appreciate the encouragement and reminder of why I am so exhausted every evening! It's hard raising the future!

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