Monday, August 6, 2012

Catholic Stance on the Definition of Marriage

My dad, who is an ordained deacon, preached about the Catholic stance of the definition of marriage this past weekend.  Listen to it or read it here.  It was incredibly brave as it is such a touchy subject and the sad news is, a lot of clergy shy away from preaching the truth of our faith.  He's done it before when he preached about abortion and contraception a while back ago and I talked about it here.

It's kind of sad that I think it is so amazing when he or other clergy step out and preach about these topics.  It should be the norm.  It should be done every week...or at least much more often.  It should be so normal that it is not shocking and that the clergymen (and their family members in this case) do not have to worry about what the backlash will be. 

But, that's not how it for now, I will continue to be proud when they do - especially when it's my very own pop!!  And I will continue to pray that they would have the strength and conviction to preach the Church's teachings that we know to be true and good and from God Himself.

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