Friday, December 2, 2011

True Story from Inside Planned Parenthood

What a fascinating story from LifeNews about a woman's experience at Planned Parenthood.  After walking in to a PP for a pregnancy test because she bought into the lie that they provide women health care, she was first separated from her mother and husband and then badgered by a nurse regarding whether she wanted to keep the baby - or "it" rather. After walking out she said:
I said I felt like I was being choked in there, like something very dark and ugly was in there trying to take the lives of innocent babies.
Thank God this woman had the strength to stand up for her convictions.  Too bad she had to go through what she did because she was naive to what PP is all about, but God uses everything for good if we let Him and now she can help others with her story.

Read it here.

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