Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Doug!

Yesterday was Doug's birthday!  Happy birthday!  For his birthday, he got to sit around all day watching Nascar and football while I toted kids around to soccer games and a fun little ballet performance that a friend's daughter was in - The Nutcracker and the Nativity.  All of the characters of the Nutcracker gave baby Jesus lots of presents and Clara came to know Jesus and gave Him her most prized possession, the Nutcracker.  My girls LOVED it!

But on Saturday, I had tons of fun making Doug's present (and lots of Christmas crafts too).
I got a little serving tray at the Dollar Store and spray painted it with white primer.  Then I painted the middle with chalkboard paint.  I made the little Daddy, we love you because you... using  Then I took pictures of the kids with their tray.  I know, Campo should be on the other end of the bench.  He was first and the girls sat on the other end and I wasn't thinking.  By the time I finished the project, I was NOT going back to redo!  Eventually I will because it's really driving me crazy.  Then I uploaded all the pictures into Picasa and made a collage, printed and put it in the frame!!  So much fun!!  The only cost was the tray ($1) and the frame which I got at JoAnn's with my 20% off coupon last week.  I can't remember how much it was but not more than $9 all together!! 

Doug took it to put on his desk at work this morning!

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