Sunday, October 24, 2010

World Series Excitement

There is just so much fun stuff going on right now. I just feel a constant underlying excitement about the upcoming election. The anticipation of Kenneth Sheets' win (learn all about him here) as well as the hope that the Republicans will make great strides on all levels of government has me buzzing all the time. I've got my own personal satisfaction about getting my Level 1 HWT Certification and the anticipation of all that will bring for me. And now, as if that isn't enough, the Texas Rangers are in the World Series for the first time ever!

This town just can't get enough of our Rangers! Which is a good thing since the Cowboys are so completely horrible - boo hoo. A World Series in Arlington is about the only thing that could bring Dallas-ites out of our bad Cowboys slump!

I admit I am not a huge baseball fan these days. The long games don't seem to hold my attention. But...having lived in Dallas all my life, I of course am thrilled for the team and have kept up with most of the games throughout the playoffs.

The other night while trying to go to sleep, I remembered the allure that baseball held for me as a little girl though. My dad worked for a radio station when I was growing up which meant we never had a hard time getting tickets to events. I remember going to a lot of Ranger games growing up. I loved taking my glove and hoping that we would catch a fly ball - even though when they actually did start coming towards us it terrified me. I remember loving it when the crowd would taunt the umpires. Of course I loved the pink ice cream I always got! And I remember having a huge crush on Buddy Bell!! So, so funny!!

Anyway, these childhood memories welled up in me - the sounds, the smells, the excitement - and made me feel so proud of this accomplishment. Especially with the new ownership who seem like such class acts! And I love that both of the teams playing were underdogs in their series who beat powerhouse teams with huge payrolls. It's is going to be exciting to watch this truly historic series!!

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