Friday, October 8, 2010

Fair Fun!

We made it to the Texas State Fair last week! It was super fun! The girls decided they wanted to ride their first roller coaster. It was a little one in the kiddie ride section. We thought it would be little and slow enough that they would have fun. Boy were we WRONG! I was watching Campo ride another little ride and could hear poor Me Too's screams over the very loud rides. Doug finally gave the ride operator the cut off sign. Big Bear got off the ride and immediately said, "Never, ever again". Me Too didn't stop crying for about 20 minutes. She said that she did NOT like the fair at all. Once she started to settle down she did mention that some cotton candy might help her feel better. It did the trick!

It was actually heartbreaking for me. I am terrified of rides. I was very hesitant to let them go on the rides in the first place but everyone else seemed to think it was fine. So to hear those screams of sheer terror just made my stomach do flips. But...all in all, everyone survived and my children now know that roller coasters aren't for them!

Other than the ride disaster, we had a wonderful time. We had yummy food and saw lots of animals. The best activity was actually the only free one! It was an exhibit called Little Hands On the Farm. The kids enter a farm yard and are given an apron and a bucket. They go from building to building doing different activities such as feeding the chickens and gathering an egg or milking a cow and getting a carton of milk. By the end of the exhibit, they had a bucket full of items that they "sold" at market. They were paid some funny money which they then took to a little store where they could "buy" some snacks. It was precious and the pictures are adorable!

Campo on a very slow ride that did NOT scar him for life!

The awful dragon roller coaster that terrified my poor girls.

Campo loving the car show!

The family with Grammy and Big Tex!

All of us in front of Big Tex!

The family in the animal building!

The kids at the Little Hands exhibit!

Feeding the chickens!

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