Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stevie's Super Stuff

For the past few weeks I've been doing Weight Watchers in an attempt to lose weight. I have done it tons of times before and haven't been able to stick with it. This attempt is different somehow. I can't explain what it is that is different than the other times that I've tried. It's just different and it's more like it was one time I was successful in sticking with it and lost 40lbs long ago before I ever had kids. It's an internal motivation that I've been trying to get back for a long time and don't know how I finally got it!

But, I do know one thing that has helped a TON! It's one of my favorite new meals to have when we have one of those fend for yourself nights. It's the new Lean Cuisine Market Creations. They are dinners that come in steam bags. You just put the bag in the microwave for about 6 minutes and when it's done, you're dinner is ready!

They are delicious! But more importantly, they are hearty. I'm used to frozen dinners being kind of whimpy. The pasta is small. You can usually hardly find the meat in them! These are completely different from anything I've ever had! For example, in the Asiago Cheese Tortellini you will find huge tortellini pasta. It's cheesy, creamy and the vegetable are fresh and delicious. Not frozen tasting at all. My other favorite is the Chicken Alfredo. Again, tons of pasta, tons of chicken, creamy and delicious!!

Now, you're probably thinking that with all this pasta and creamy yumminess, these meals must be TONS of WW POINTS...right? NO!!! For the two I mentioned, the ENTIRE bag is 5 points!!!! 5!!!! Awesome! Just my kind of meal - fast, easy, cheesy, creamy and low in points!! Try it today!!

(I was not paid for this product endorsement. I bought the product for myself and just loved it and wanted to share!)

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