Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New School Year

A new school year has begun! I have a brand new pre-K class, classroom and co-teacher and I love all of them! This year I'm in a tiny classroom with no windows except out into the hallway. I thought it would really bother me but it is not bothering me at all! I only have 8 kids and just happen to have 8 of the most wonderful ones to teach this year! And my new co-teacher...I thought I'd like working with her...and I actually love working with her. We complement each other very well. Here are some pics of our classroom...

Our school focuses on one Fruit of the Spirit each month so this is our "Fruits" tree!

I'm so excited to be loving school again. Last year was a VERY hard year. I keep telling everyone that I have the class this year that I earned last year! Here's a picture of me teaching Handwriting Without Tears - I'll have to post more about that at a later date!

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