Thursday, August 19, 2010

Santa to the Rescue...What Would You Say?

We got out of the house for a little bit and went to walk around the Big Water...which is what we call Northpark Mall. Big Water is what Big Bear named it when she was a little girl because it has a fountain with water that shoots really high - almost to the ceiling. Their other favorite is the ducks and turtles - a little area in the middle of mall guessed it, ducks and turtles.

Of course we had to stop in the toy store. A very upscale toy store because Big Water is a very upscale mall. Everything in this store is quite expensive. We discovered that there is a line of Dinosaur Train toys. Now you have to understand that hardly a day goes by in this household that a Dinosaur Train episode isn't viewed. I think we are up to 19 episodes on the DVR. And on a day when we discover a new episode has'd think we had won the lottery from the amount of jubilation - on the kids part of course, but mine as well because it gets a little old hearing the same show over and over! Anyway, seeing their beloved characters in toy form was a big deal! To my children this was akin to the founding of the Deep Sea Scrolls or some such. And after glancing at the prices, you would have thought they were as monumental as the Deep Sea Scrolls! Like I said, it's an upscale toy store!

So let me take a minute to brag on my kids. They are amazing. Did we have a huge fit because we didn't get the toys? Did they cry, scream and throw themselves down on the ground? Nope! They just said they would add it to their Christmas list!

As we sat eating lunch and talking about this amazing and monumental new discovery and how they couldn't wait to get the toys for Christmas, I mentioned that I'd have to do some research online to find them for better prices. At this point, Big Bear asked, "Well, Santa Claus doesn't care how much they cost, does he? He'll bring them to us".


What do you say to that? No, not a rhetorical question - what do you say?

I didn't know what to say. But guess what I did first thing when I got home? Here's some of the cute stuff Santa will be bringing this Christmas since Amazon's prices are way better than the upscale Northpark store!

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Debbie said...

Your kids are about the same age as mine. I think I would have said that Santa does care, because he wants to be able to give to everyone, not just a few. Better yet, I think your *gulp* and silence was best!