Monday, August 16, 2010

Look at this Link

I love, love, love this blog and wanted to share it. It's called Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog! It's very clever and always funny...poking fun at some of MO's outfits as well as the actions of the first couple. Here's an example:

Then yesterday was one of Lady M’s favorite events of the whole year: the luncheon for the National Design Award winners.

Mrs. Obama got a big laugh when she told the luncheon guests: "All of you have spent your lives pushing boundaries — we know a little bit about pushing boundaries — or just outright ignoring them altogether."

Boundaries, conventions, laws, the Constitution: they’re just guidelines really.

Here is another particularly good post. Actually, this one makes me slightly sad - especially the compare and contrast pics at the end. But the captions under the picture of the two first ladies in the White House is funny!

Check it out when you're in the mood to giggle.

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MOTUS said...

Hi Stevie!

Thanks soooo much for the kind words and link. A lot of what I see here in Big White mmakes me a little sad too, especially when I remember the way it used to be.

When that happens, it is my job as a loyal public servant to help you smile and BELIEVE that CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN is right around the corner.