Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a fabulous Christmas! We started out Christmas Eve with 4pm mass in the snow! YES! SNOW - in Dallas! Amazing! Doug stayed home with Campo since he had been feeling well and not eating all day. Those do not make for a happy baby under normal conditions but add in waking him up early from a nap to get him ready for a mass where if you were lucky enough to sit, you were practically sitting on the person next to you. If you weren't lucky enough to sit, you were standing of the church in one of the two rows up unlucky folks or standing in the vestibule which was so packed I almost couldn't get through to go to the restroom. If you weren't lucky enough to get to stand in the church or the vestibule where you could actually hear and somewhat see Mass, you were standing down the hallway where you couldn't hear a word or see the church. I'm not even sure if that actually counts as mass!

Afterwards we came home and had dinner with Grammy, Grampy and Emma (now called Hemma by Campo). The kids opened their Christmas pajamas, sprinkled their reindeer food, and left cookies and water (we convinced them that Santa would be really tired of milk by the time he got here) for Santa and headed to bed. I also headed to bed since I felt horrible. Lucky Doug got to stay up and assemble a tricycle!

The next morning Grammy, Grampy and Hemma ventured out in the snow/ice/slush to see what Santa brought the kids!

They were so excited about their new presents!

We had a great morning. That afternoon we headed over to Grammy and Grampy's to enjoy even more family, and of course, food!! Big Bear dressed her big dinosaur in a party dress.

Saturday we headed out to Granbury to visit Doug's parents and cousins. Tons of great presents, more great food, and lots of fun! And I mean LOTS of presents!

And LOTS of fun!

There was still a bit of snow out there so the girls made a snowman. Okay, he's not that big, but he's cute!!

It has been a great Christmas holiday!! Thanks to all my family for their generosity with their gifts, their love and their continuing and constant support of my family!!

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