Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Principal Called...

And Big Bear hasn't even started school yet! No matter how old I am, the principal still makes me nervous! No, she did call but it was one of those fancy schmancy call-everyone-at-one-time voice messages. She was reminding us that tomorrow night is Meet the Teacher Night! YIKES!! It's really here...the dreaded and feared kindergarten. I'm no longer one of those moms with little kids who can make play dates any old time or fly out of town on a moment's notice with the family. Not that I really did too many play dates at any old times...they were usually at the same times that I'll be able to make them once Big Bear is in kindergarten. And, considering our financial situation, we NEVER fly out of town on a moment's notice with or without the family. In fact, we NEVER fly out of town with a lot of notice either! But, you know what I mean. I'm now tied down by a schedule...drop off, pick up, volunteering at the school and such. I'm a...school mom!!!

On another note, I'm also about to become a soccer mom! Big Bear and Me Too are both going to be playing soccer this fall. This is something I never anticipated. I think I played one season? And although I don't remember for sure, I'm thinking I didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like basketball several years later...too much RUNNING!! I really don't think Big Bear will like it either, just knowing how she is...a little too much like me sometimes. But I do think that Me Too will enjoy herself. She'll be playing with a bunch of kids from her class at school and she loves those kids. She has a freakishly lovey dovey close class for only being 3 years old. Seriously, it's adorable how much those kids enjoy each other!

Okay, that is all for now. I just wanted to share my exciting phone call! I'm sure there will be more to share after Meet the Teacher Night! Big Bear...I'm not worried about. Me...another story! It'll be amazing I actually survive this kindergarten thing!

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