Monday, August 17, 2009

Countdown Begins...

We're down to the one week countdown. One week from today, Big Bear will be sitting in her kindergarten classroom. I just can't wrap my mind around this huge life altering change! Our schedule is going to change, Big Bear is going to's just too much! I'm really going to miss her terribly!! Today I'm busy washing her uniform clothes. Many of the public schools around here have uniforms. Big Bear's school doesn't have a mandatory uniform but they have about 90% compliance with it and you don't even have to ask me twice about it. Uniforms are great in my opinion. She can wear khaki or black shorts, pants, skirts, or jumpers and black, red or white shirts. My mother in law went crazy buying uniform stuff which is a huge blessing. We had to run up to the school where I work to get her Epi-Pen that I need to take along with some paperwork from the allergy doctor so the nurse has her tree nut allergy stuff all in order. Wednesday night we go to Meet the Teacher night. We'll get to see which teacher she has, who her classmates are and where she'll be spending most of her time - her desk and stuff. We'll also pick up her supplies. We paid several months ago for the pre-packaged school supply pick up. Sounds like a great deal to me! I don't have to run all over town collecting supplies and trying to make sure I get just the right thing. All we have to do is find her desk on Wednesday night and there it all will be!

Okay, that is all for now! Just needed to update. I tried to find a countdown widget but couldn't get anything to work! Oh well! I have a countdown widget in my head that is ticking constantly!!

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