Friday, May 1, 2009

Email H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!!

That's what I feel like I'm in these days! I get SO much email. Sadly, not much of it is personal or even remotely interesting. It builds up over get an account here, sign up for information there, register for a drawing somewhere else...and SHAZAM! You're in Email H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!! So then you get indignant enough to unsubscribe from everything which places you squarely in Unsubscribe H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. Some websites make it just have to click or enter an email and you're FREE!! Uncluttered! Until you get to the next one that you have to log on to in order to edit your preferences. Here's the tricky part because you have to remember your password and user name for a website you got an account on a year ago in order to print one darn coupon. So you spend 5 minutes trying to get logged in and then you have to maneuver your way to the very hidden part of the website where you uncheck on little box! And then...the kicker...the message that says it will take about 2 weeks to make the changes to your account. Who remembers what they did two weeks ago? How about yesterday? An hour ago? Yeah, me either. So I have no idea if they ever really do unsubscribe me because by now I've done so many I can't remember which ones I've even done much less which ones to check back on. An organized on top of things person would write it down...that's not me so get over it. So, at least for now, I feel a little better because I know at least a few of my junk emails will stop, and hopefully a few more will be ending in a couple of weeks. But, deep down, I know there are more to take their place the next time there is some great savings coupon, loyalty program with their shiny points and prizes to be earned or a grand prize to be won! I guess I'm just a sucker for Email H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!


nicole said...

Stevie--get a second or third email for those things! If you are only joining to vote for something, or get one coupon, use an alternate email address. That's what I do. Such a big help.

socaldork said...

Have a look at this article:

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