Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Stuff

Finally, Easter pictures! My Lent was good - not great, not bad. It could have been a lot better I'm sure. I went to the Holy Thursday mass and Good Friday service which usually blow me away but didn't this year as much as usual. I wanted to go to the Easter Vigil but circumstances that happened earlier in the week all sort of snowballed into a situation where I just couldn't make it. On Thursday night after the mass I got home and crawled into bed. Just as I got super comfy and started thinking about how happy I was to be there, Doug ran in and said he had cut his finger and needed to go to the ER for stitches. I called my poor dad who was just wrapping up...not only from the mass but wrapping up his day which had started with a 6:45am men's prayer group. Yikes! Of course, later we realized that there were a couple of other people we probably should have called but Grammy and Grampy are the first ones I always think of and the ones who would need the least instruction as to the care of our kids and where to find things in our house etc. So off we went to the ER and got home around 2am. Now I do not do well with lack of sleep and that proetty much just ruined me for the next few days.

We decided to go to 7:30am Easter mass after realizing we would only be getting to mass about 30 minutes later if we wanted to get a seat at the 9am. It turned out to be one of the nicest Easter masses I've been to since I've had kids. We weren't squeezed in and it didn't last super extra long because the crowd for communion wasn't too long. The kids did great. Me Too got very upset though. With her bottom lip sticking out she told me how sad she was that the shepherds put Jesus on the cross and that he was dead - she's 3, okay, give her a break...she knows more of the story than some! I told her no, we were there to celebrate that he was not dead anymore, that he had risen! But we were sitting in the front row and she looked up to the huge crucifix hanging high in the middle of the altar and pointed and said, "No, he's dead". I tried telling her that it was just there to remind us of what he did to take away our sins. Well, there was no convincing her otherwise and how do you explain that one to a 3 year old?

The only bummer of the day was the pouring rain which caused us to abandon the girls' sandals (which took two trips to get the sizing right) for tennis shoes with their nice dresses. Oh well! After we got home from mass we had cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs. It was all dark outside from the rain and inside the house was warm and cozy and breakfast-y smelling. It was lovely!! The kids found their Easter baskets and we all got naps in at some point.

Late in the afternoon we headed for Grammy and Grampy's house where we had a lovely dinner and more Easter basket surprises!

Here are some pictures!


Debbie said...

Your kids looked so adorable. I boycotted Easter pictures this year. I was so upset. My little darling decided --after she was all dressed up in her pretty dress -- that she did not want to wear her dress. She wanted pants and sneakers!

nicole said...

We did early Easter Mass for the exact same reason. Everyone but Butterfly did great, and she doesn't do well at any Mass time.