Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does God Care About My Weight Loss?

I took a big step last week and rejoined Weight Watchers. About 9 years ago I joined the first time, lost 40lbs, reached lifetime membership and went to work for them first as a receptionist (weigher), then as a leader and then in the main office of the Dallas/East Texas franchise which has since been sold back to Weight Watchers International (wrote a little about it in one of my other attempts to lose here). I left after a bad situation there kept getting worse and worse. Since I was given severance, I respected the owner's request not to speak to anyone after I left and just sort of disappeared. So going back after all these years with many, many pounds put back on since the last time anyone there saw me wasn't exactly an exciting idea to me. I've put it off for way too long and finally decided that I didn't really care what anyone there thought of me...I just want this weight off! Part of that clarity came after a real honest prayer time. I was journaling and I asked God in my journal plain and simply to help me lose weight. I told Him that I was giving Him all of constant feeling of self consciousness, my lack of self control, my bad feeling about myself...all of it. After I wrote it, I immediately thought to myself, "That's silly, God has too much other stuff than to care if I lose weight or not". Now don't get me wrong, I know God loves me and cares about me. I just wasn't sure if He was interested in getting down to that kind of a level. The journal I write in has a verse on every page. I looked down at the verse on the page where I was writing and it was
Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. Psalm 55:22
I knew that He was telling me that He would take it from me, that He did care about even something as small (to Him anyway) as my weight struggle, and that He would give me the strength to do it.

This message was confirmed when I walked into the meeting last Wednesday. I had been so nervous all day. I looked up the name of the leader there and knew that it was someone who I was not familiar with but wasn't sure who the receptionist weighers would be that night. But even more than just who I would see, I was nervous because I had that last chance this better work or I'd be going off the deep end as far as my weight is concerned. I immediately felt comfortable when I walked in. The old smell, the old was just nice. I didn't know the receptionists but then the leader walked in and I knew her but I was confused because it wasn't who the website showed as the leader. Nevertheless, she is a really nice lady and any nerves or anxiety left at that point. I didn't get to talk to her before the meeting but afterward I went up for the new member meeting and introduced myself. She was so excited to see me and told me the most amazing thing. My name had some up in two conversations she had recently being that very day! Can you imagine? Someone I haven't seen in 6 years and my name comes up the very day that I waltz into her meeting...and she was subbing at that meeting that night! That isn't even her normal meeting. I felt so blessed that the Lord had paved a smooth road for me to return and feel so welcome. I knew right then that He truly does care about every part of our lives and want the very best for us.

I went to my second meeting last night and was down 3.4lbs! Happy day! I'm on my way to my goal and I know I'll reach it this time!

If you have something you are struggling with please know that it is not too small for God to care about. Give it to him. Ask him directly to help you with it. If it is within His will for you, he will grant you his graces and mercy to help you with it.


My Favorite Things said...

That is so great!!! I was wondering how your meeting went. You did so awesome!! :)

Debbie said...

Woo Hoo For You! I remember all the trouble you had and I so admire you for having the courage to go back! Congrats on so many levels!

nicole said...

Way to go! I hope it continues to be a blessing for you. Sometimes taking the step is the hardest part.

Stevie said...

Thanks Debi, Debbie and Nicole! Your encouraging words mean a lot!!

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