Sunday, May 24, 2009

40 Years!!!

My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today! Amazing, isn't it? I'm not even 40 years old. My husband and I will be celebrating 10 years in October...we've got a ways to go to get to 40! But he and I are so lucky to have two sets of parents who have made it to the 40 year mark - so rare these days. What a great example for us and our children to look to and follow. I know in my parents case (and I'm sure my inlaws too, I just wasn't around them much until about 13 years ago!) there were some tough their lives and their marriage. But through it all, they depended on their faith to see them through and here they are being blessed to celebrate this occasion. And I believe they are being rewarded for their faithful lives so far. My dad has a job that is fulfilling to him in many ways. My mom has a beautiful home that she loves to paint, stencil, repaint and paint some more! They are able to enjoy their adult children in a new way and, of course, they are in love with their 5 beautiful grandchildren! And, best of all for my brother, sister and I, they have such servant hearts and pour that all into us and our kids. I know that I am so blessed (and a bit spoiled) to have such loving, caring (not to mention FREE) babysitting almost any time I need it! My mom takes up my skinny girls' pants when they're too big - I have no idea how to even do it! Anyway, it is such a great testament to me to see an example of sticking with a commitment, even when it wasn't easy and how God will bless that and even allow you to come out the other side.

I love you Mom and Dad! Here's to another great 40 years!!


Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to them! It is a blessing indeed to have two sets of parents who have hit the 40 year mark! Tom's parents are at 51 and mine are at 47! Talk about unconditional love! They have taught us so much and I am grateful I am wise enough to see that now.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations to your parents. Your family is indeed blessed.