Friday, March 13, 2009

Freaking Out Update and Kindergarten Round Up!

Well, not only did I survive the kindergarten picnic last Friday (read about my freak out here), I also survived Kindergarten Roundup this past Wednesday...but not without water works of course! It's been a trying week around here!

The picnic was great! Luckily it wasn't slated for today...yucky, rainy, cold...and was on a day that had exactly the opposite weather...warm, sunny and beautiful! Me Too had strep throat so she stayed home with Grammy. It was very strange going to a family event without a member of the family and I kept telling everyone that there was one more! The bubble machine was a hit but didn't work exactly as I had planned. The kids did swarm our area, but Big Bear, who is very happy playing by herself, was off running around other places! One mom did ask me if I was the one who brought the bubble machine but I really didn't need it to meet anyone. Since everyone there was pretty much in the same boat and since the express purpose of the event was to get to know people, everyone was pretty friendly and open. The most important thing was the Big Bear had a blast and left more excited about kindergarten than before...if that is possible!

Next was Kindergarten Roundup on Wednesday night. Grammy helped out again by keeping Me Too and Campo so that Doug and I could concentrate on the information that we were given. And boy, did we get information! It was a little overwhelming. Also overwhelming was seeing my Big Bear leave in a big group of other future kindergartners to have story time in the library. As I watched them line up and leave the cafeteria, it hit me hard and strong that this is really it...the thing I've been dreading since the day of her birth...kindergarten is almost here!!

Here are some pictures from the picnic:

Big Bear running in a game of tag!

Campo had a blast at the picnic.

Except when someone started getting too close to his french fries!

And even daddy had a great time on our blanket with the kids!

Oh, and someone had asked about the bubble machine...Target...$8.99. Here is what it looks like...comes in different colors.
The genius of it is the way the bubble blowers are positioned inside there. It causes it to blow out tons of bubbles at once! And since you don't have to hold yucky bubbles on your hands! Yay!

Not good for the bubble machine are rocks inside of it. Thanks to the kid at the picnic who caused us to find this out! Luckily, daddy fixed it!!

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veronica said...

oh that looks like a good camping investment! thanks for the tip.
sounds like you all survived the kinder prep activities! I am sure you will find a great group of moms to pull each other through the year with, after all- that is half the fun!