Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Week Later...

and I'm still depressed and in shock that we are going to have a president O...O...Oh I can't even say the awful man's name. I'm sick of hearing about him. I'm sick of hearing about the awful people he is surrounding himself with and the awful things he plans to do.

Most of all, I'm sad about the many Catholic friends and acquaintances I have who voted for this man who more than likely is going to wipe out years of pro life efforts in one foul swoop with FOCA and open the door to so many more abortions - as if we need any more. I struggle with how people I know could support someone so destructive to life, to our faith and to our morals and beliefs. Some grew up with the same religious instruction and background as me, some are involved in the same groups that I am at church now. I just don't understand and I feel so sad for them and for our church right now.

Just had to get that all off my chest. I realized that today marks one week from that awful election night. It still seems like a dream...or a nightmare rather...but I still haven't woken up so I suppose it really happened. Bummer.

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Jessica said...

I feel the same way. I decided to focus on praying for our senators and congressmen so that their hearts may be changed so they won't pass FOCA. I have no confidence that our new prez will change his mind in the least. He's so far up Planned Parenthood's butt that he can't see.
What made my blood boil the most during O's campaign is that darn "Hope" that was ingrained in all of his paraphernalia.
Our hope should NEVER be in a man, politician or not. Our hope is in Christ. It felt like a punch in the stomach every time I read that. How arrogant it seemed.
On another positive note, it has made me want to be more involved in the pro-life efforts.