Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chins Up!

My mom sent me this great article regarding living with post election stress disorder! It made me feel so much better.

The author brings up a good point and so did my friend Jessica who commented on my last post. It is time to stop feeling sad and distressed and to get active for the pro-life cause in whatever way we can...prayer, fasting, grassroots efforts.
Chins up, everyone! If you really believe innocent lives are at stake, there’s no time for feeling sorry for ourselves --it’s not about us, right? Make this the year you acquire a deep prayer life. Become holy so that you radiate Christ wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing: He’s irresistible, and he’s the key to conversion. Keep doing the pro-life work you’re doing. Think of ways to work for the culture of life even if FOCA passes. Commit yourself to a daily regimen of prayer and sacrifice for the cause of respect for life. Go sign that anti-FOCA petition Danielle mentions below if you haven’t.

I have always "said" I'm pro-life and believe in the cause but what actual work have I done to promote it? For those of you who go to church with me, we have a pro-life group that meets every first Saturday morning of the month. I had every intention of being there last weekend but a little thing called pneumonia knocked me off of my feet! However, I have signed the FOCA petition, am promoting it on my Facebook, and intend to try to do anything else I can to bring awareness to this terrible piece of legislation that may be coming up.

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Laura H. said...

dont forget about our humble little blogging group. we'll be doing the march when it comes around again in a couple of months. also, get in touch with the CPLC. there are lots of ways you can help!

oh and if ever you get a free saturday morning (7am - 10am ish) and you want to go with me to fairmount, let me know!