Friday, October 3, 2008

Is It Really October?

I have nothing compelling to write about at this time nor the energy to do so if I did so here are a few random thoughts.

  • I can't believe it's October already! September flew by!
  • School is going good.
  • Campo has an ear infection and is having a hard time getting over it. The girls always perk up after one or two doses of antibiotics. He's already had 4 and is still not himself.
  • Me Too will turn 3 next month! Boo hoo.
  • Doug will turn 40 next month! Ha ha! He's OLD!
  • Let's see...what else. Oh, I've become addicted to Facebook.'s bad. Rehab may be necessary. I've found tons of old friends from high school and college. A lot of my college buddies and I have been digging out old pics and posting them. Hilarious! It brings back such crazy memories. Too fun.
  • I'm still stressing out trying to make a decision about where to send Big Bear for kindergarten next year. I can't seem to make any headway on a decision!
I think that is about all for now! Here are some pictures from our outing to the pumpkin patch this morning! Why can't I ever get a picture of all 3 kids looking at me at one time?? It's impossible!

October / Halloween 2008

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Sunshine said...

I am curious about your kindergarten decision...please keep me posted!