Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Hollywood Backlash?

I just read this article about the Emmy Awards low ratings last Sunday night. My first thought was that maybe everyone else is as sick as I am of having to hear all of Hollywood preach at us about political topics in their acceptance speeches. And that happens when it isn't an election season. I couldn't even turn it on because I knew that this year in particular that would be all we heard about. Turns out, I may have been right. The article I read even made a point to say political speeches were going on.
A mere 12.2 million viewers caught the 3-hour 8-minute orgy of trophy dispensing and politically charged speechifying.
And then this was the very first comment on the article.
I would have watched the Emmy's if I knew I wouldnt be preached to about who I need to vote for, for president. I am sick and tired of Hollywood and the "Not So Mainstream Media" trying to turn me into a drone. I can think for myself, I don't need ANYONE pushing their beliefs onto me.
I hope Hollywood takes notice and figures out that we do not care what they have to say about politics. Just take your award and be happy that you are blessed enough to have a talent that earns you an enormous amount of money!


Sarah said...

You're right, and I also find it sickening that they display all their glamour and meaningless awards they give each other, while the country is struggling financially. I'm so over Hollywood.

Sarah said...

I always find it amusing that they think their opinion is so important. They get up on stage to give their speech and then spew out some meaningless tirade that they imagine is so "deep and helpful"......little do they know. Half of it doesn't even make sense, and if it does, it is so far left it is meaningless to anyone but Hollywood.
Thanks for writing this!