Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Banana And A Gorilla Go To Alternative School

I'm sorry - this is hilarious! It took place at a high school football game in Flower Mound, a suburb (apparently not a very fun one) of Dallas. This was a completely harmless prank. The school district doesn't see it this way however.
Lewisville ISD is seeking prosecution of the trespassing charges, and Patton and Kight may see time in alternative school.
Why can't people lighten up these days? I understand a detention or a stern talking to, but come on. Trespassing charges? Alternative school? Ridiculous! See more of the story here.

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Jessica said...

That's pretty silly.. to react like that. At least they were wearing clothes! I could see it if they were streaking or something icky.

Hmmm.... I agree, harmless prank. Probably brought a little humor to the game.
Pity. No one appreciates a good prank these days.