Friday, August 8, 2008

Weird Encounter

The kids and I went to Pump It Up this morning. In case you have no clue what Pump It Up is...I didn't until a couple of years's a gigantic kids' wonderland! It's full of floor to ceiling (and we're talking a warehouse size building) inflatable bounce houses, slides, mazes etc. Loud music, bright colors, room to run and play and scream. Basically heaven for any little one...the opposite for the adults sometimes! Just kidding. It really is fun - just very loud and overstimulating after a while. Anyway, the church where I work was sponsoring an outing there for anyone who wanted join. It's a great place to be when it's so hot outside and it makes for some darn good afternoon naps so we decided to head over. Some of the first people I saw were a couple of the kids who have been in my class this past summer and their moms. One mom exclaimed, "Oh look, there's Ms. Stevie" to her child prompting her best friend to say, "Stevie? I think she dated my husband when they were in high school!". So the mom I know came over and asked me where I went to high school and had I dated this guy. Sure enough...I had! So a little later in the morning I went over to talk to this guy's wife. I thought it would be fun to meet her and to see what their family was like. One of her little boys looked just like his dad! But the exchange with her was very awkward and she didn't seem very happy to be talking to me. She seemed almost weirded out or uncomfortable with the situation. I found this strange. I mean, we're talking 19 years ago! We dated for like 5 months when I was 16 years old and then I broke up with him because I "fell in love" with some other guy who ended up not giving me the time of day!

Oh well, it was still fun to have a blast from the past...even if it was an awkward blast! And, the kids are ASLEEP!! We'll see how long that lasts. Campo hasn't been taking very good naps lately...that's another post!


Jessica said...

People are weird... to be weird about your husband's ex girlfriend after 19 years? She was the one who mentioned it!
I feel sorry for her being so insecure. You can't expect your husband to have never dated anybody ever before you came along, you know?

Heidi @ GGIP said...

We have one of those bouncy places around here too, but it is called something else. They are great for wearing out the kids!!!!

I can see why she would be a little uncomfortable, even if it was eons ago. Plus, maybe she is just shy.