Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saying Goodbye!

Today I said goodbye to 12 little 5 year olds heading off to kindergarten! They are ready - most of them anyway! They are anxious and excited and nervous - although not as anxious and excited and nervous as their poor mommies! I saw many tears this week! The bittersweet tears of mothers who are happy that their children are growing and blossoming but wanting to hold on to the tiny babies they once held in their arms.

I'm praying for each student and their families in the next few weeks as they make this big life change. It will never be the same after this. They'll all do great.

Thanks so much to all of these families who have let me be a small part of their lives for the past year or so. They've seen me through losing a co-worker and not having a clue how to proceed - but figuring it out. They've been with me as I came to school after falling while I was pregnant. They pointed out how swollen my arm was and scolded me for not having called the doctor yet. They brought meals after we discovered the elbow was broken. They gave me gifts for Campo's birth, Christmas, teacher appreciation, and the end of the year. I've learned so much from them and from their children. And I'll never forget this crazy, crazy year!!

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