Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank You God For A Cloudy Day

No, this isn't going to be another feeling down post! Actually, I'm feeling up today thanks to the clouds in the sky! Sound strange? For one thing, I prefer cloudy days to sunny ones (my favorite are cloudy, cool days - like in least I've heard there's such a thing). I don't know why - just always have. But, the real reason it's making me feel good today is that I can actually open the blinds in my house! It's been SO hot here lately. Over 100 degrees for I don't know how many days in a row - sometimes as high as 106-108! We have old windows in our house that let heat pour in like crazy. So it gets really warm in here which of course causes the AC to go crazy and in turn it makes smoke come out of my husbands ears when he gets the electricity bill! So...I've been keeping the blinds closed throughout the house and it's really been making me feel depressed.

Today I was getting ready to let the girls go out in the back and play while Campo and I played in the sun room so I could watch them and I noticed that it was cloudy outside. And not too terribly hot least compared to the past couple of weeks. My mood immediately changed as I went about the house opening blinds and curtains. Even Campo and I joined the girls outside for a little while. It was a nice time and did us all good to get out.

So, thank you Lord for this cloudy day. This respite from the blazing sun and soaring heat (sort of!). Thank you Lord for an improved mood and outlook on life. Help me always to remember that you are King of the sunny days and the cloudy days and that you love me on both!

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