Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We had a friend come over to play today and it was so much fun! Charlie, a little over one year old, is such a sweetie! His mom, Jessica from Catholic Mommy 101, had to go to a doctor's appointment that was going to take a while so he came over to play. The kids all had so much fun together! Me Too was so sweet! She never kicked him or tried to choke him and even cried when he left! Campo had a blast watching someone so much closer to his size actually walking! And Big Bear was a BIG helper! She would get me things, move things, close doors etc as needed. I was so proud of all of them! And Charlie is just the sweetest little guy. So happy and easy going! He has the biggest smile too! Here are some pictures of our fun morning!

Campo sees Me Too coming and is thinking, man, Charlie has no idea what she is capable of...but I do...and I'm scared!

Two cute boys! Aren't they sweet! They didn't last in the playpen very long - both wanted out! But at least I got the girls lunch going! It took quite a bit of juggling to get everything done for everyone!

Playing in the playroom together!


Jessica said...

Those pictures are great! Thanks so much again for keeping my little man. I am very glad he was so good! I guess they're always better for other people, right?

Anonymous said...

HI! I am Jess's friend and enjoy reading your blog often. I thought you might like to see this article in the Detroit Free Pres:

Stevie said...

Jessica - I know mine are always way better for others than for me. They are angels at school and their teachers get upset at me and accuse me of lying if I ever complain about misbehavior at home!

Sarah - interesting article. It was good...until the end. They just couldn't make it end positively towards the Catholic teaching could they?