Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Manor Mania!

I haven't been around much lately! A million reasons why! Here are a few if you care to know!

Husband starts his new job on Monday! So we're rushing around trying to get everything done that we said we'd get done when Husband first got laid off a month ago! We're such good procrastinators! It has been harder for me to get some things done while he's home and easier to get other things done. Getting to the grocery store - super easy. Blogging - impossible. Not sure why - maybe just not being able to get on the computer any time I want? Who knows!

I went to the orthopedic doctor today for my dumb foot. It's been bothering me since about March and getting worse and worse. Seeing as how I'm on my feet all the time, I finally broke down and went to have it checked out by my regular doctor at the beginning of the month. They didn't find anything so I finally went to the specialist. Turns out I have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and tendinitis of some other major tendon in the ankle area. He's treating me with insoles and anti-inflammatory medicine at this point and we're hoping that does it!

The marriage retreat that we help with, Beyond Cana, is occurring this weekend. THat has kept us really busy the past week or so. We are the invitations coordinators so we've been sending letters with info, making phone calls and attending team meetings. We'd appreciate any prayers you can spare for the couples that will be coming. We are praying for blessed marriages, a smooth retreat, and as few problems as possible with details such as babysitting and such. My kids are staying with two different people and I'm SUPPOSED to be getting ready for that right now!

And then...I've been busy reading a book that I'm reviewing for the Catholic Company. Julie D. at Happy Catholic had information about the Catholic Blog Reviewer program (check it out yourself) a while back ago and I applied. Much to my surprise, they accepted me and sent me something to start out with that is just amazing. I'm a little intimidated by this project and have been praying that I'll have the right things to say because it is an important subject and dear to my heart. I'll give you a little hint...the author's last name is not East but...

Until later, here are some pictures and videos of the cutest kids in the world doing the cutest things. One is a video of Me Too saying "excuse me mommy". Doesn't sound like a big deal but every time she does it, she puts her hand up to her face in this cute little way. I don't know why but I think it's adorable and just want to smother her with hugs and kisses when she does it. The other video is of Campo laughing in his funny new laugh. It's just at the beginning. He sucks in his breath and makes the funniest noise. The picture of the girls on the couch is them riding horses (the arms of the couch are horses) in a horse race as we watched one on TV. They're race started at the exact same time as the real race. They both won - amazing. The others are Campo in his new bath chair in the big boy bathtub. How cute!


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