Thursday, July 24, 2008

Call For Prayer And/Or Fasting On 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae

I'm hoping to have time this evening or tomorrow to highlight some great information in honor of Humanae Vitae's 40th anniversary! This profound writing with it's many predictions that we can see coming true today still holds up in it's wisdom and simplicity.

This anniversary is a good time to reflect on this topic and the website Deacon For Life is calling for all faithful Catholics to
to offer some sacrifice and prayer for those who have given scandal about this most important teaching.

Please join with us, spiritually, this Friday or the following week, in offering some prayer or tangible sacrifice in reparation for the many sins of the dissenters always keeping in mind that dissent never has the last word. The Truth always wins in the end!

I just came across this so I haven't really had time to decide what I'm going to do but I definitely wanted to share it in case anyone else wanted to take part in sacrificing or fasting tomorrow.

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