Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wanna Get Away?

I love those cute Southwest Airlines commercial with an embarrassing vignette that ends with "Wanna Get Away? That is the story of my life these days. Not the embarrassing part but just the getting away part. I have these, not the dirty kind, but ones of me just walking out the door and escaping to a desert island with a huge margarita and a hammock. Does this make me a horrible person? I'm just being honest. But then I see my adorable children. And my wonderful husband. And I remember that I am right where I need to be, right where God wants me because He gave me this life. And I remember that He will help me. And I so I put off the get away a little while longer.

1 comment:

veronica said...

If we are being honest, I have these fantasies too. Especially when the kiddos are not their most adorable selves. Or when I look around at my cluttered/messy/dirty home and realize I'm having company tomorrow! YIKES!