Thursday, April 10, 2008

What They Said!

Big Bear is finally over the yuck and now I'm mired down in it. Chills, high fever, sore throat, headache, and on and on and on. Went the dr yesterday and they told me it is...a virus. I hate when they tell you it is a virus. In other words, just suffer through it. So, I'm letting others do the blogging for me! Here's some interesting stuff I've been able to read in my haze this week!

Why the drop in confession go'ers but not a drop in the Communion lines? Contraception and divorce might be your answers! Neil McKenty has more.

This kid is much smarter than many adults out there. He has figured out that the availability of emergency contraception and HPV vaccine could cause an increase STD's. He did a survey of high school students for a 2007-08 Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition. He is to go on as one of 60 finalists.
The results: "We found that 44 percent of teens said they would abandon barrier protection if they had either one - a vaccine or emergency contraception."

The upshot: "Teenagers are thinking they don't need to use barrier protection. They think, 'I'll be safe.' But, in fact, they are actually opening themselves up because they believe emergency contraception will protect them - which it won't.

Very interesting read on the history of Protestantism and Contraception. He points out how the fall of the Protestant churches to the acceptance of contraception began with the use of contraception in the marriages of preachers.

Two great posts (here and here) are encouraging a lot of discussion on how to make NFP easier on our guys! I can't wait for my hubby to read through this stuff and give me his take! By the way, guys are more than welcome to write a post on my NFP Conversion Stories Carnival!

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