Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coupons and Helping Children

I've been trying to get into using coupons and stockpiling to save money for my family. I've been doing pretty well at it - although I sort of cheat. I joined the Grocery Game (if you join, please say I referred you!) for the $1 four week trial. After the 4 weeks you have to pay which seems counterintuitive to saving money. However, I'm starting to see that the amount I would pay per month is far, far less than the amount of money I'm saving. This week I bought 50 items at the store for $53! I saved $60 some odd! I couldn't believe it. I got Windex Multi Surface cleaner for $.75! It's pretty addictive!

FYI...if you use coupons, P&G will donate one liter of bottled water to help people in third world countries who do not have access to clean water when you use one of the coupons from their insert in last weekends paper (4/6). Check it out here If you don't have your coupons from last weekend, visit this website. They will donate another liter of water for each visit.

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